Artisan Bakery Production Training Service

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 Authentic sourdough bread production on a commercial scale can be very profitable, but achieving consistency and efficiency involves training and careful implementation for ongoing positive results.


"I have evolved an artisan bread production technique which can be easily adapted to suit any existing bakery's schedule. It can also become the backbone to your bakery's success. The technique is scaleable, and offers excellent continuity and quality of product. The best part is that it is based around only four ingredients - flour, sourdough starter, salt and water."  

Through working alongside master sourdough baker Warwick Quinton for four actual production shifts, semi or fully skilled bakers will learn the fundamentals of the technique.

These training sessions are also suitable for those who have already attended the MasterBaker skill sessions and are ready to deepen their knowledge of Warwick Quinton's techniques.

 Bakery owners and managers will be able to extensively explore and discuss ways of implementing the technique most effectively in their own setup.

Bakers and team leaders will deepen their understanding of the bakery production cycle and pick up valuable new skills. Journeyman bakers will get one step closer to becoming master bakers in their own right. 

These sessions are not intended for first time potential bakers who have not yet gained bakery or bakery training experience. 

The training process involves four days' intensive training, tailored to each person's requirements. These days can be done consecutively or one at a time. 

The Artisan Bakery Production Training process is tailored to your requirements. The sessions include some or all of the following technical aspects: 

Training session

  • cold and warm proofing,
  • doughmaking techniques,
  • fermentation and ripening principles as applied to dough,
  • qualities of differing flours and how to work with them,
  • suitable ingredient sourcing,
  • working with recipe adaptation,
  • building new recipes from scratch,
  • production administration and monitoring,
  • hand moulding techniques,
  • dough finishing techniques,
  • sole baking and using a peel, using our purpose designed woodfired oven,
  • bakery capacity, and how to streamline production to optimise this.


Prices are per person. These sessions enable the bakery owner or team leader a much more in depth and intensive learning experience, with ample opportunity to draw on Warwick's knowledge base in regards to application of the technique.

Sessions are based around a small scale production routine at our woodfired kitchen in the Hunter Valley. Typically, I will instruct on production processes for up to twelve sourdough products. 

The training sessions are fully hands on, and provide a complete artisan breadmaking process from start to finish.

The bread you will be able to make using this technique is of a very high standard, able to compete with the best artisan breads anywhere in Australia.  

Details and Itinerary

Price quoted is per person.

Date: By arrangement. Training days are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays to coincide with actual production for a Saturday market event. They can be done in a block, or individually.

Arrive: 8.45 am on the first day for proper coffee or tea.

Start: 9 am

Finish: Approximately 3.30 pm, though finishing times vary on different days.

Morning tea, light refreshments, full lunch and afternoon tea are all provided.

Outdoor classroom

Location: Mooladhara

Near Ellalong, 

(20 minutes from Cessnock)

(Our location is only 60 minutes drive from Newcastle, and only 110 minutes from Sydney CBD).

Location details will be emailed to you some time before the training sessions.

Accommodation in nearby Cessnock is plentiful and well priced. Ask for details upon booking.

For more information, ring 

0409 480 750.

Bookings can only be made online.


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