Artisan Bakery Consultation Service

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Do you need to improve or refine what you do?

This service is for existing bakeries wishing to move into Artisan Sourdough Bread products, or for new bakeries with skilled staff who want to give themselves an edge in the marketplace by producing attractive and consistent great quality sourdough breads right from the start.

It is also for artisan bakers who wish to either solve a production problem, or improve something about their product or bread production process.

My two and a half decades of experience in Artisan breadmaking has provided me with a broad range of experience and skill in all levels of the sourdough breadmaking production process - whether you have a micro bakery producing for local grower's markets, or a large wholesale bakery turning tonnes of flour into bread each day.

I offer a detailed consultation service where I make a thorough assessment of your existing or proposed production routine, with special attention paid to equipment, capacity, baking style, production times, methods used and so on.

As one of the original sourdough bakers in Australia, I can also offer valuable marketing and merchandising insights to help your bakery better position itself and its products in your market.

This service will provide the experienced baker or semi experienced 'tree change' bakery with valuable skill and insight into professional artisan bread production, as well as an outside perspective on your production routine, which at the very least may help achieve better efficiencies.

My service is flexible and caters to individual requirements. It is focussed on achievable business outcomes relative to your vision.

Upon purchasing a unit of consultation here, I will contact you to discuss your existing or proposed type of production, the type of market you operate in, your bakery set up (equipment, floor space, location, capacity etc). I will be interested in any production problems you might be experiencing, looking at all issues from a 360 degree perspective.

Products must always be seen in the context of the whole - which includes some understanding of the client base you are looking to reach, mixed in with a thorough understanding of the manufacturing capacities available to you in your setup. 

You may be working out how to build a business from scratch, based on existing or new equipment - or you may be adding to an existing product range. Every business has its own complexities, and for a successful outcome, a good working understanding of things is necessary.


So I'll be looking to understand your business, and asking lots of questions about it, and the environment it operates in. 

From this information, I will be able to provide a brief overview of your bakery's situation, and what I believe will be needed in terms of enactment or further refinement to your existing plan, in order to achieve your desired outcomes.

Often, working a new product or products into an existing routine can be tricky. I have a number of scheduling exercises which I use when designing new products, and these can be adapted to include an existing production run. In this way, new products can be integrated to best suit the overall desired outcome, while respecting the intricate nature of any existing production routine.

Should this overview and assessment prove to be workable for you, you may be interested to proceed to a more in depth and tailored solution for your bakery which may involve production training, process refinement or introducing new products to your range. These steps are not included in this product, but can flow from it more smoothly once a thorough report has been done. 

This service is based around a consultation and assessment process. As a bakery owner of over 25 years, my experience is very broad. I draw from having designed, worked in and on over a dozen different bakery setups. This includes fully and partially mechanised production systems, to those based entirely around hand made bread and pastries. I have extensive experience in manufacturing scale artisan bakeries, as well as fully retail focussed ones. In addition, I have a background in marketing, and can offer valuable advice in regards to matching an artisan product range with an existing as well as a new customer base. In general, I can help your business, whether new or established, to function sustainably, effectively and profitably in a growing sector of the market.

This service is not based around training, and assumes you already are already in the bakery business. It can, however, be used in conjunction with my Artisan Bakery Production Training service.

Travel is not included in the price. Wherever possible, though, I work with you to minimise the cost or maximise the efficiency of the time spent travelling.

If you would like to know more, feel free to email  or phone me.

0409 480 750


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