Sourdough Workshop Refresher

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The Sourdough Workshop Refresher Course 

Warwick QuintonThe 101 Workshop has become the base camp for many people's baking adventures. Those who have continued to bake often remark that there was simply too much information to take in all of it in one sitting. Others have added in things to their core techniques - some of which are working for them, and some of which are not. Still others want to bring a friend to experience the course again, in the magical surrounds of Mooladhara. And others just want to play with Luna the Woodfired oven again.

For all of these reasons, we've created the Sourdough Workshop refresher course. Choose your date from the website's available list of upcoming workshops, email us to let us know you are coming, and we will do the rest. Your refresher course can be anything you need it to be. If you are keen to share your baking experiences with the group, the day can have added meaning for everyone. Sometimes, Warwick's skill in being able to unravel a particular process or technique can help to illume issues you may be having with your baking at home. All good reasons to do the refresher!





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