October 29 2017 Sourdough 102 Wholegrain Workshop

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Working with Wholegrains  

Sourdough 102 Breadmaking Workshop

Sunday October 29th,  2017

Wholegrain sourdough breadReal wholegrain flours are quite different to regular plain flours, and require more 'tricks of the trade' to achieve wonderful results.

At this workshop, we will be making dough with fresh wholewheat flour, which is both highly nutritious and flavoursome. 

The class incorporates Warwick's some of the regular Sourdough 101 Workshop detail, with added techniques specially for working with whole grains. It is suitable for beginners, though some knowledge of breadmaking will come in handy, and help you to get the most from the techniques you learn on the day. 

If you have already attended a 101 Workshop, the 102 is an excellent addition to your knowledge base, as well as a good revision session with techniques you already have learned.

True wholegrain breads provide necessary dietary fibre which helps to regulate your digestive system. Freshly milled flour is also rich in nutrients which modern milling techniques remove from white flour, and also from flour called 'wholemeal', as these nutrients limit 'shelf life'.

They also have a lower GI, which so many people need for their wellbeing. However, when working with proper wholegrain flours (not white flour with bran added, which is what is commonly available in supermarkets and the like) people often report that the bread they make is 'solid'. This doesn't need to be the case. Wholegrain bread can be moist and quite light - though it is more substantial than white bread.

Why is it so hard to buy good wholewheat flour?

Wholewheat flour has been relegated to the 'too hard' basket for many supermarkets, because it needs to be fresh. But this doesn't need to be the case, especially if you know why!

You will learn all about wholewheat flour, from the best varieties of wheat for this type of flour, to milling techniques used in the flour you buy, and how to find good fresh flour where you live. You will learn how to make a 'soak', and you will see why this technique is essential when making true wholegrain sourdough bread.

Working with Wholegrains Workshop is an easy hands on tour through the entire sourdough process, from sourdough starter to baked bread. It's based around the Sourdough 101 technique, with some important modifications for wholegrain doughmaking, proofing and baking.

Warwick teaches you how to bake without bread tins, using classic 'sole baking' technique. This technique is preferred by master bakers around the world for it's more intense rise and superior crust. 

There will be lots of tips and tricks too, so you will be able to make really good wholewheat bread easily at home.

You will make a 'sourdough sponge', or preferment; you will make a 'soak', and of course you will see how easy it is to make dough by hand. You will learn to 'rough round', to 'form', to 'finish' and, of course, bake your own sourdough bread in our woodfired oven.

As an added extra, you get to take home the dough you have made at the workshop to bake in your own kitchen!

You will learn the basics of how to set up your oven at home, so you can sole bake effectively and inexpensively. Warwick also has lots of tips and tricks about using your oven for bread, no matter whether your oven is old, new, gas or electric, or even a backyard barbeque.  

Students get to bake bread on the sole of our woodfired oven. Once you have experienced the bread baked using this old fashioned method, you will see why artisan bakers the world over prefer to bake this way! 

We also have a bread appreciation session at each workshop, where we experience true sourdough breads. You'll gain a greater appreciation of quality bread, and leave the workshop satisfied both in mind and body!

In addition, for the Sourdough 102 Workshop only, we will be using freshly milled wholewheat flour. True wholegrain flour that is freshly milled adds another level of flavour and nutrition to your home baked bread. We have this flour available for purchase after the workshop.  

The workshop will cover in some detail  the three main areas of home breadmaking:

  • Hand Doughmaking - sourdough starters, preferments, hand kneading techniques, autolyse, bulk proofing, making a 'soak', and incorporating grain berries
  • Proofing, Moulding and Finishing - dough handling techniques, intermediate proofing, retardation, moulding, knife work, finishing techniques  
  • Baking Bread - oven set up, sole baking, using a peel, steaming, crusting, working with 'hot spots'. 


Places are limited to 15, so book now, as these workshops only occur twice a year. They are eagerly awaited and usually fill up well in advance.


bush bakeryOur location at Mooladhara, in the foothills of the Watagan Mountains is as close to beinin the bush as it's possible to be. There is no cafe onsite, however, so it is adviseable to bring provisions for the day. Snack foods are ideal, as we do not stop for lunch. We will have coffee and tea available.

You will be emailed with details of how to get to the location a few days before the event. We can also advise of budget priced but very good accommodation in Cessnock, only 20 minutes away.

The workshop is both demonstration and hands on, so you'll get to knead, cut and form dough, load an oven with a peel, and much more! 

Woodfired baking

You'll get to see and use our very own woodfired oven, affectionately known as Luna. It's housed on our purpose built relocatable bakery, which is set beside a beautiful piece of rainforest - an absolutely stunning place to learn the art of making wholesome and nutritious bread.

And you'll take home your own loaf of wholegrain bread...

Also available:

There will be our special 27 year old sourdough starter  available for purchase for the special price of $20. Our starter is guaranteed, so you don't need to wait six weeks to culture your own from scratch!  

In addition, we will have a quantity of 5 kg bags of sustainably farmed and freshly milled wholegrain flour for $17.50, as well as a variety of other certified sustainable flours from wholegrain Milling Company at Gunnedah NSW.

There will also be printed copies of currently available "Mini Guides', which Warwick has written to cover certain aspects of the sourdough breadmaking process in more detail. These are priced at $10, and are a very useful adjunct to the Sourdough 102 notes.

After the workshop, you will receive FREE our ebook, Sourdough 102 Workshop Notes (valued at $10).

Here's what a participant said about an earlier workshop: 

"I'm enjoying the sourdough bread that we made during the course today. It was one of the best things I've done this year. A lot of butter and a glass of wine, life can't get much better!" - Gillian

And another participant's review:

" It was an awesome course, great relaxed teaching, Excellent pizzas and breads. All round top stuff! " - Gareth



Details and Itinerary

Sourdough workshop

Date: Sunday October 29th, 2017

Arrive: 8.45am for coffee or tea at Mooladhara, 20 minutes out of Cessnock.

What to Bring: An apron, possibly a notebook and pen (though comprehensive notes will be emailed after the event); bring provisions for the day as there are no cafes within 20 km.


Bring cash if you wish to purchase Sourdough Starter or wholewheat flour or a Mini Guide. We also accept Paypal.

Your camera or smartphone will be useful for pictures throughout the day. 

We will be making fresh dough for you to take home on the day, so bring a small Esky or similar with ice so that your dough survives the trip home intact.

Start: 9am

Finish: Approximately 5pm.

Location: Mooladhara, Ellalong NSW

Precise directions will be forwarded by email 2 days before the event. 

(Mooladhara is only 60 minutes drive from Newcastle, and 90 minutes from the Sydney end of the M1 Freeway). 

For more information, ring 

0409 480 750.

Bookings can only be made online.

Our customers' and our own research has shown us that our sourdough workshops still represent the best value for money available in Australia at present. We welcome your views. Please contact us.

Cancellation Policy: 

We require 14 days notice for cancellations. We offer a refund if cancellations are made by this time. We also allow transfers between workshops if you need to reschedule - all you need to do is email us to arrange alternate dates.

We occasionally need to reschedule workshops. If this occurs, we will provide you with at least a weeks' notice. In the event of something out of our control, such as inclement weather or natural disaster, we will endeavour to reschedule or offer places in upcoming workshops. You will be emailed as soon as is possible to arrange alternatives.

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