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Live Sourdough Starter

+ Sourdough Fermentation Mini Guide

It's great fun to culture your own sourdough starter. But it'll be a quarter of a century until your home made starter is as good as this one.

Back in 1990, Master Baker Warwick Quinton decided to get serious about his baking obsession, and made this starter using whole grains and pure water in his tiny kitchen in Waverley, NSW.

Sourdough starter

It took many forms in the years between then and now. It began as a  fermentation of cooked grains, sitting in a window sill in the East Coast Sydney sun. It gradually morphed into a 200 litre tub of liquid organic wholewheat starter, being used and fed every day to create many thousands of loaves from Warwick's large bakery in the Blue Mountains. 

About seven years ago, it morphed again into a desem, or dough starter, which resided in a domestic fridge in Warwick's Newcastle residence - about the time he began this website. Warwick has been using this style of starter ever since.

Dough starter

These days the starter is used to leaven a few hundred woodfired loaves each bake from Warwick's Gypsy Bakery in the hills of Ellalong, NSW.

Why use a dough starter?

A dough starter has a number of advantages over a liquid. It has a different mix of enzymes, and as such gives the bread a superior flavour and texture. It is also more stable, needing to be fed only occasionally. Typically, the starter is fed once every two weeks, though it will live quite happily for a month or more between feeds.

What's the Sourdough Fermentation Mini Guide?

The new mini guide is a 43 page printed guide to the sourdough fermentation process. It's particularly useful as quality background information, so that your journey into wild yeasts and bacteriological fermentation is illuminated for you. The mini guide will provide you with the building blocks necessary to create great sourdough bread flexibly and efficiently. You will learn in detail how to:

  • maintain, store and rescue a sourdough starter
  • understand the proofing process, especially for baking on the sole of the oven
  • tell when a dough in any stage of proofing is 'ripe'
  • make consistently good bread at home, no matter what season it is.

The mini guide is the first of a series of short guides designed to expand on the detail provided in the Sourdough 101 Notes. It comes in a 'zine' style printed form for easy kitchen use. The printed version of these notes will be available for a limited time only, so make sure you order your starter now! 

Freighting Information

The starter comes with some easy care and feeding instructions, and a basic recipe for delicious sourdough bread. It also comes with the printed version of the Sourdough Fermentation Mini Guide.

We freight orders to everywhere in Australia every Wednesday, so you will receive your starter up to five working days after that. As the starter is live, we pack on Tuesday nights, so orders must be received by 4pm Tuesday. Orders received later than this will not be freighted till the following week. 

Freight is included in the price for Australian residents. 

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