Sourdough 304 - Final Proof, Finishing and Firing

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Sourdough 304 is the fourth part of the Master Baker Skill Sessions - a series of sourdough workshops designed to enhance or reinvent your bakery practice, or to train a 'tree change' operator in the necessary steps to create a viable small artisan bakery from a production perspective. 

The Final Proof, Finishing and Firing Workshop takes you on the last part of the production journey - from final moulding to finished Artisan Sourdough Bread, in an actual small scale production run.

Here is where we get to experience the timing and judgement skill necessary to run a bake successfully from start to finish, taking up to ten different types of sourdough bread through to their final firing in our very special woodfired oven. 

This workshop, while focussed on the finished product, adds immeasurably to your Production Management skill set, through learning to assess how and when to set in motion the final processes before the bread is baked.  

We will take our processed dough from middle proof to final shaping, final proofing and baking. We will then assess the finished product, analysing it to see where we might have done things differently, if at all.

This practical and demonstration session will cover in detail:

  • executing a production schedule and accounting for wastage,
  • learning how to shape and finish dough, including dusting, dipping and scoring,
  • how to retard and / or final proof finished dough,
  • deck oven management, using a genuine 'white' woodfired oven (which, in effect, works in a similar way to a gas or electric 'setter' oven),
  • how to use a baker's peel to 'set' dough on the sole of the oven,
  • how to assess ripeness for sole baking,
  • more about retardation and temperature control in dough
  • baking on the sole as a technique

This eight to ten hour intensive practical and demonstration session will provide you with plenty of practice to gain or to improve your dough handling and finishing skills. It will teach you how to bake beautiful, dramatic loaves of rustic sourdough bread. You will experience the timing and precision necessary to really get the best out of your production work.

You will see more of how Warwick Quinton's sourdough technique works from sourdough starter right through to baked bread on a commercial scale.  

This part of the Skill Sessions series is limited to two on one only, due to the size of the mobile bakery, and the level of concentration necessary to hold the bake together. The series is based around actual production of Warwick Quinton's Elemental Bread range, and is held on Fridays only.  


When: This workshop is not date specific. It can be held on any Friday when production is occurring. Contact me to arrange a suitable date.

Where: 'Mooladhara', Ellalong NSW. Directions will be provided prior to the workshop. 

Arrive: Approximately 9.45 am for a 10 am start. Proper coffee and/or tea on arrival.

Finish: Approximately 8 pm

What to bring: An apron, a hand towel, a camera and a notepad. 

Provided: Liquid refreshments and light snacks throughout the day. We won't be stopping formally for lunch, but if you need to eat more, BYO additional sandwiches / food if required.

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