Sourdough 302 - Doughmaking, Desem and Production Management

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Sourdough 302 is the second part of the Master Baker Skill Sessions - a series of sourdough workshops designed to enhance or reinvent your bakery practice, or to train a 'tree change' operator in the necessary steps to create a viable small artisan bakery from a production perspective. 

The Doughmaking, Desem and Production Management Workshop moves into the practicalities of Artisan Sourdough Bread for a real small scale production run. We focus on Doughmaking, as well as how to look after a dough starter, or 'Desem'. We also lay out the basics of Production Management, which focuses on consistency of production and production planning.  

We will create up to ten doughs for an actual production bake, as well as perform weekly maintenance on sourdough starters.

This practical session covers in detail the most important part of the production process - the manufacture of dough, which involves:

  • planning and creating a production schedule
  • understanding gluten development
  • conducting pre preparation of dough inputs
  • building top quality dough from ripened preferment,
  • learning about recipe construction techniques, and how to make variations from common base doughs,
  • learning about primary proofing, factoring and temperature control,
  • learning basic 'bakery administration,' 
  • understanding dough starter,
  • maintaining and feeding dough starters.

This seven hour intensive practical and theory session will provide you with the information you need to make consistently good dough in various situations and climatic conditions.

Good Doughmaking is a skill acquired over many years of practice. This workshop sets you on the path towards mastery of the baker's craft with a step by step approach that will enable you to use simple tools and techniques to self improve over time.

You will see more of how Warwick Quinton's sourdough technique works from sourdough starter right through to baked bread on a commercial scale.  

This part of the Skill Sessions series is limited to a maximum of three students. The series is based around actual production of Warwick Quinton's Elemental Bread range, and is held on Wednesdays only.  


When: This workshop is not date specific. It can be held any Wednesday when production is occurring. Contact me to arrange a mutually suitable date.

Where: 'Mooladhara', Ellalong NSW. Directions will be provided prior to the workshop. 

Arrive: Approximately 9.45 am for a 10 am start. Proper coffee and/or tea on arrival.

In hot weather the start time may be moved forward to avoid the hottest part of the day. 

Finish: Approximately 5 pm

What to bring: An apron, a hand towel, a camera and a notepad. 

Provided: Liquid refreshments and light snacks throughout the day. We won't be stopping formally for lunch, but if you need to eat more, BYO additional sandwiches / food if required.

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