Sourdough 301 - Practical Pre Fermentation and Production Theory

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Sourdough 301 is the first part of the Master Baker Skill Sessions - a series of sourdough workshops designed to enhance or reinvent your bakery practice, or to train a 'tree change' operator in the necessary steps to create a viable small artisan bakery from a production perspective. 

The Practical Prefermentation and Production Theory Workshop combines the theory behind creating authentic Artisan Sourdough Bread for a small scale production with a hands on prefermentation session. The 'sourdough sponges' we make will be cultured and then built into dough the next day. 

You will learn the basic principles of true artisan breadmaking, as applied to small to medium scale production practices. These suit one person, home or commercial kitchen based bakeries. The techniques and formulations you learn can be scaled up to substantial volumes, for operations with the right equipment and infrastructure.

They can also be adapted to micro bakeries, wanting to supply local regional grower's markets with high quality sourdough breads.

The theory session in the first part of the day covers in detail the theory behind the processes of:

  • sourdough starter maintenance and management,
  • prefermentation,
  • doughmaking,
  • proofing,
  • hand work,
  • retardation,
  • sole baking.

This four hour intensive theory session will provide you with everything you need to fully understand the practical work ahead in the rest of the Master Baker Skill Sessions.

For the rest of the day, we will be building a number of pre ferments, or 'sourdough sponges' from scratch, which will be cultured and made into dough in the next session. You will see how Warwick Quinton's sourdough technique works from sourdough starter right through to baked bread on a commercial scale.  

This part of the Skill Sessions series is limited to a maximum of three students. The series is based around actual production of Warwick's Elemental Bread range, and is held on Tuesdays only.  


When: This workshop is not date specific. It can be held on any Tuesday when production is occurring. Contact me for mutually suitable times.

Where: 'Mooladhara', Ellalong NSW. Directions will be provided prior to the workshop. 

Arrive: Approximately 9.45 am for a 10 am start. Proper coffee and/or tea on arrival.

Finish: Approximately 2 pm

What to bring: An apron, a hand towel, a camera and a notepad. 

Provided: Liquid refreshments and light snacks throughout the day. We won't be stopping formally for lunch, but if you need to eat more, BYO additional sandwiches / food if required.

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