sourdough bread1 r1Why not get fresh sourdough bread for free?

By purchasing a bakery membership, you get extra sourdough bread for free. We bake on Fridays and Saturdays. You don't have to receive bread every week - the membership is like a pre paid phone card - you use it when you want for as long as the dollar value lasts.

The larger the membership, the better value you receive. It's that simple. You can pick up bread and have its retail value debited from your account any time you like on our bake days.

We also keep members in the loop about bakery happenings with regular newsletters and special offers.

Come and enjoy real woodfired sourdough bread at affordable prices. Become a member today.

Newcastle NSW Only!


AUD100.00 each Bakery Membership No. 10
84 items in stock
AUD200.00 each Bakery Membership No. 20
95 items in stock
AUD50.00 each Bakery Gift Membership
99 items in stock
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