Master baker Warwick QuintonWarwick Quinton is a master Sourdough Breadmaker with over 25 years of breadmaking experience. He has devised a method of making sourdough bread at home which is easy to learn, requires no fancy or expensive equipment, and which will enable you to make artisan sourdough breads to rival those in the best bakeries.

Today's mass produced breads are made too quickly. Even some artisan bakeries hurry along their process so that they can squeeze more loaves into their delivery vans each day. Unfortunately, bread that has been hurried is indigestible. This is the main reason for the widespread gluten intolerance issues so many people suffer. 

Warwick's method slows down the process, making the bread not only delicious, but also digestible. Thousands of his bakery customers will happily testify to this fact. 

There is more to the process of breadmaking than simply to make a nice healthy loaf of bread though. The process itself is greatly empowering and intellectually satisfying too.

We live in a technological age, removed from ingenuity and invention. Everything is too complex, regulated or unsafe for us to fiddle with. We can't fix our own cars any more, or install our TV sets. We have complex machines in our kitchens that do everything for us, perfectly, every time. These things, while 'improving' our quality of life, have also made us slaves to the technology behind them. We somehow have lost the ability to control our lives, to nourish our families, to be with simplicity, comfortably and creatively.

The magic of flour, water, salt and fermentation, activated by two hands and some very sophisticated observation skills, can only be experienced. That's why these workshops are so popular - they are all about hands on learning - not some classy demonstration in an artificial but pristine multi million dollar facility. You will come away from a day with Warwick with a whole new slant on things.

MooladharaWarwick holds monthly sourdough breadmaking workshops from his purpose built 'bush bakery' at Mooladhara, in the Hunter Valley, NSW. The semi outdoor classroom and bakery are hidden in the foothills of the Watagan mountains. The inspiring environment is perfectly paired with his world class rustic bread.

Engage with this fascinating ancient craft, and make great sourdough bread as often as you like at home for yourself, your family and your friends.

Come for a day in the country, a day that will be overflowing with information, heavenly smells of woodfired sourdough bread, amongst the elemental forces of nature - but be prepared; making dough is messy, and also contagious! So come enjoy the delights of sourdough, a day of bread passion and much laughter.


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