To really get the most out of this section, make sure you cover the section on sourdough starters first. Good sourdough bread comes from good, ripe sourdough starter!

This section is all about making dough - everything you need, from the basic ingredients, to some simple (and more advanced) sourdough recipes, to hand doughmaking techniques. 

Light Wholemeal Bread (Semi Leaven) Recipe

Written by Warwick Quinton. Posted in Yeasted Bread Recipes


Light Wholemeal Bread is derived from the Leura Wholemeal Bread recipe which was a popular bread at our shop in Leura NSW. Again, it's a  'Semi Leaven' bread, because it contains some sourdough starter and a tiny amount of yeast, which creates a substantial bread, with a thick but soft crust.

The beautiful thing about this bread is that while it's quite a substantial bread, it's also quite soft and a little bit sweet, courtesy of the honey, which also helps leaven the bread. You can also substitute malt flour if you can get it - this gives the bread a lovely earthy colour, but not the same pronounced taste of honey.


Continental Bread (Semi Leaven) Recipe

Written by Warwick Quinton. Posted in Yeasted Bread Recipes

Continental Bread was one of my family's staple breads. There are numerous variations on the theme of a traditional yeasted sourdough recipe. I call them all 'Semi Leaven' breads, because they contain some sourdough starter and a tiny amount of yeast, which creates a light yet flavoursome bread, with the kind of crust that's typically Italian.

This 'Continental Bread' recipe comes from my old bakery, Quinton's Artisan Bakery, in Leura NSW, which satisfied Leura folk for a decade, as it was always a best seller there in the chilly mountain regions. Also a popular bread at many Grower's Markets around NSW too. This dough recipe makes great crusty bread, and will go really well in a 'batard' (vienna shape) or a tin.

Italians culture a biga, which is a lightly yeasted starter. The French use a levain in many yeasted recipes, and the Germans use various starters as standard practice in many white and rye bread recipes. Even in Australia, I know a lot of old time bakers who used their old yeasted dough in up to 15% of a new dough, to make the dough mature more quickly. This technique has been used by bakers for a very long time, and has numerous nom de plumes by which it operates.


Semi Leaven Bread Recipes

Written by Warwick Quinton. Posted in Yeasted Bread Recipes

Semi Leaven BreadsSemi Leaven Breads have many aliases - 'yeasted sourdough' breads, 'pre-fermented' breads, 'time dough' breads, 'artisan' breads, 'semi sourdough' breads - and there are many others. I've always referred to them as 'semi leavens', because they are part sourdough (leaven or levain) and part yeasted breads. A fully leavened bread, therefore, would include regular sourdough, by this terminology. Just in case you were wondering.

Semi Leaven breads also can take on any texture - you can make very light breads with this method, or loose textured continental style breads, and even rich and full flavoured wholemeals.

Because of the faster fermentation, crusts can be baked to be either quite thin (which can be hard to do with regular sourdough) or thicker. You can also use the method as a 'shortcut to sourdough' technique, for times when you don't have a lot of time. In every baker's life, too, there are times when the poor old leaven just isn't up to the task. Again, a little yeast, and away you go..

Surefire success follows.



Oat Porridge Sourdough Bread

Written by Warwick Quinton. Posted in Advanced Sourdough Recipes


Oat Porridge Sourdough Bread a lovely moist 'batard', or vienna shape, which is also soft and light.  This recipe is another Porridge Bread recipe, only to prepare the oats, you'll need to follow the Blanched Method over here. Or, if you have leftover porridge, simply put it in a zip bag with the air removed, refrigerate for as long as is convenient (you'll get a week out of this packaging easily), remove from the fridge and break it up while still in the bag with your fingers. It's now ready for use.