To really get the most out of this section, make sure you cover the section on sourdough starters first. Good sourdough bread comes from good, ripe sourdough starter!

This section is all about making dough - everything you need, from the basic ingredients, to some simple (and more advanced) sourdough recipes, to hand doughmaking techniques. 

Brown Rice and Organic Wheat Bread Recipe

Written by Warwick Quinton. Posted in Advanced Sourdough Recipes

Brown Rice and Organic Wheat Bread Recipe

This recipe is really useful when you have leftover rice from dinner the night before, and want to make some very yummy full flavoured bread with it!

It's also adaptable for any cooked grain, whether leftover or specially cooked. You'll find that this type of bread will become part of your regular repertoire, simply because it's so moreish, and you can't buy bread like this in a health food store or supermarket.

You'll need:



Porridge Bread Recipes

Written by Warwick Quinton. Posted in Advanced Sourdough Recipes

porridge bread

Porridge Bread Recipe Section

Lots of Sourdough bread recipes can benefit from the use of the 'Porridge' Technique. I call breads made using this technique 'Porridge Breads', to put them in a recipe class of their own.


Porridge breads are breads where a component of cooked grain or 'porridge' is added to the flour mix, with liquid measurements wound down accordingly. Any of the sourdough recipes can have up to 25% of the flour weight replaced with a porridge of grains of your choosing. Generally, winding down the liquid amount in the recipe by half the amount of porridge you added wll do the trick!

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