To really get the most out of this section, make sure you cover the section on sourdough starters first. Good sourdough bread comes from good, ripe sourdough starter!

This section is all about making dough - everything you need, from the basic ingredients, to some simple (and more advanced) sourdough recipes, to hand doughmaking techniques. 

Hearty Wholemeal (Wheat & Barley) Bread

Written by Warwick Quinton. Posted in Advanced Sourdough Recipes


Using Dough Sourdough Starter (desem)

Hearty Wholemeal Bread

I don't know why I didn't get into barley grain sooner. Recently, I went to visit an old mate, Mark, from  Mark's Home Brew, my local brewing supplies shop. Home brewers are very similar to home bakers - an obsessive lot, with a lot of very specialised information about fascinating things like fermentation and so forth.

While I was there, he milled some barley grain into a very coarse gruel, and handed it to me in an ice cream container. He suggested I should add it to my powdered sourdough starter, which I've been slowly improving, by adding and subtracting stuff like this over the past year or so. I did as he suggested - indeed, I also fed my desem with it, and lo and behold, they both loved the effect.

Wholemeal Sourdough (Porridge Method)

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Wholemeal Sourdough Recipe

using the Porridge Method.Wholemeal Sourdough

You can use any type of sourdough starter in this recipe - see sourdough starters for details. It's assisted by the 'porridge' of wholemeal flour prepared beforehand, through which an ideal food is made available for the sourdough yeasts to feed on.

This recipe will make a lovely soft wholemeal sourdough. The Blanching technique (porridge) documented is great for wholemeal flours of any kind, because it gets the bran really well softened.

The liquid sourdough starter technique is the preferred method for this recipe. You can also use the dry dough sourdough starter technique, but you may need to add a little more water - measurements are bandwidth only - you will adjust by feel once you get to know these recipes.

Wholemeal Sourdough (Porridge Dough) Recipe

Sunflower and Wheat Bread Recipe

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Sunflower and Wheat Bread Recipe

This recipe creates the time honoured sunflower bread that seems to pop up all over the place (including toasters..sorry).

A variation using toasted sunflower kernels will also appear in the site down the track, but this recipe makes for a deliciously creamy bread, quite different from the more nutty recipes with seeds I'll be puttimg up here soon.



 Bakery History Artefact:

At one of our 'pre bakeries' - a home kitchen in beachside Coogee, Sydney NSW, where we set up our first 'proper' bakery, Heaven's Leaven bread was baked to sell to local Eastern Suburbs delicatessens and at our 'mobile market stalls' in Paddington Markets in Sydney every Saturday. We baked this bread in Pyrex glass bowls, and originally turned the dough by hand, so that it would never come into contact with metal, to preserve an enzyme which would otherwise not reach us, apparently. I can't remember, or possibly I choose not to remember the science (ideology more likely) - I only remember turning massive plastic tubs of dough for sunflower sourdough which we made and baked in a small commercial oven in the back room. I grew forearms the size of a bricklayer over the six months or so of hand mixing we did for all the bread made from this little kitchen. Always a good workout, I told myself at the time, but my body ached after producing six or seven of these 25 or 30 kilo doughs, by hand from scratch..(I will put this story on the site at a later date).

The Sunflower and Wheat bread recipe following is another Porridge Bread recipe using the porridge method not once but twice! and to prepare the sunflower kernels, you'll need to follow the Blanched Method in the Tips and Tricks Section of the website. This recipe makes, as usual, 2 one kilo loaves of Sunflower and Wheat Bread.







Linseed and Wheat Bread Recipe

Written by Warwick Quinton. Posted in Advanced Sourdough Recipes


This recipe is just about as good for you as it gets. Oh, and just delicious. A daily staple in my house with jam for many years. The other favourite on this one is nutella. Linseed is full of goodness, and it's lovely to work with the soaked grain. This recipe is another Porridge Bread recipe, only to prepare the linseed, you'll need to follow the Blanched Method.