Basic Sourdough Bread Recipes

This section covers the most basic sourdough recipes for beginners and advanced bakers alike. They involve either liquid starter or dough starter, flour, water and salt only - true artisan breads in their simplest form.

Read on, and enjoy!

Wholemeal Spelt Sourdough Recipe

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Wholemeal Spelt Sourdough Bread Recipe

This recipe will provide 2 large loaves of Wholemeal Spelt Sourdough Bread. I generally slice and freeze them straight after baking - that way, the family will use it as toast, or you can make sandwiches while it's still frozen, which will thaw by lunch time.

Sourdough Breadmaking Classes and Workshops

If you like the site, and would like to have me come to your venue or kitchen to conduct sourdough breadmaking workshops with your group, have a look at the options and ideas for breadmaking workshops and demonstration classes while you're here.