Sourdough 102 Wholegrain Workshop Notes

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Wholewheat bread

Here are the complete

Sourdough 102 Workshop notes

in PDF Format.

They are based on Warwick Quinton's popular Sourdough 102 Wholegrain Workshop series, which he has been running for the past 2 years.

The notes can be used in conjunction with the workshop, or can be used as a substitute for the workshop if you are too far away or too time poor to spend a day learning sourdough breadmaking.

They cover everything you need to know once you have established or bought a ripe dough sourdough starter.

This includes:

  • How to feed and maintain a wholewheat dough starter
  • Extra information on wholewheat flours
  • How to make a 'soak'
  • How to create a preferment
  • How to use biological development
  • How to hand knead
  • How to conduct 3 proofs for better bread
  • How to set up your home oven or BBQ for Sole baking
  • How to bake on the sole of the oven.

These notes have been revised and are very comprehensive.

They are designed for the home baker who specifically wishes to make true wholegrain breads, and are easy to follow for excellent results.