Trattoria 750 Woodfired Baker's Oven

Trattoria 750
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Trattoria 1000 woodfired oven

 The 2016 Trattoria 750 Woodfired Baker's Oven is an entry level oven for professional bakers or caterers, and has a number of special features to enable you to begin baking or catering on a small commercial scale for a very reasonable price.

The oven is made entirely in Australia, and is built solidly to be robust and long lasting.

It has a full 3/4 metre of setting space, with a separate firebox, enabling it to bake about 18 standard 750 gram loaves at a time, continuously. It can also bake about 9 X 12 inch pizzas, continuously.

It is capable of very high temperatures, making it suitable for pizzas and turkish breads. There is a further deck above the two setting decks for multiple kitchen uses - it's especially good for toasties or browning, as the heat comes from the top down.

Of course, having such a workable baking capacity wrapped entirely in oven brick makes the oven a superior tool for slow roasting of meats and vegetables in volume.

The thermal mass provided by these oven bricks is a huge advantage for providing delicious crust colour in your breads too. 

Features: Woodfired oven Baking decks

    • Two decks for setting dough directly upon. The bottom deck provides massive 'kick', while the top sets the crust.
    • A third deck for browning or toasting. 
    • Both 'setting' decks are enclosed in brick for solid heat and better crusting.
    • The top of the firebox has a stainless steel baffle to deflect heat around the baking. chamber, which moderates heat on the bottom deck while dispersing it effectively to the top. Baking times are reduced as a result.
    • A heavily insulated baking chamber door for even heat front and back. 
    • Live steam generation through a simple yet very effective steam system built in to the baking chambers. 
    • Super efficient transmission of heat, making the oven fast to heat up and very responsive to use. 
    • A small footprint, both from an environmental perspective as well as physically. The oven uses very little wood, burns cleanly, and is designed to take up minimal floor space, making it suitable for small kitchens.
    • Simple design means minimal maintenance. No expensive technicians, ever!
    • The oven can burn all grades of timber, and can even burn food waste with minimal processing required. We recommend using a mixture of reasonably finely split timbers, but clean sawmill offcuts can also be utilised, making the oven incredibly cheap to run. 

Insulated oven door

The Trattoria 750 Woodfired Baker's Oven is something unique, enabling a budding artisan baker, pastrycook or chef to really spread their wings and make brilliant products in reasonable volume, easily and efficiently. For the larger family, or the serious home baker, this oven will also prove its worth over and over again.

The very keen price reduces entry cost, and frees the small producer from the added cost of getting gas or electricity upgrades.

The oven can be used indoors or outdoors. The total cost of ownership is very low, with the added advantage of being low tech and easy to repair if repairs are ever required.

(Oven stand not included and is sold separately by arrangement. It is valued at $1350).

(Orders are placed by placing a 50% deposit, with the balance payable upon completion of the build. Customisation creates extra cost, and may not be possible. Allow 90 days for delivery from time of order).

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