Relocatable Wood fired Bakery

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Relocatable wood fired bakery trailer for sale. 

This trailer, known as the "Gypsy", was designed and hand built by Warwick Quinton and Craig Miller. On board, it has a four deck wood fired oven, which has a total of 3 metres deck space for baking.

The oven, known as Luna, has recently been refurbished and is running extremely well. Luna can bake continuosly, unlike other wood fired ovens. Luna is a 'white' oven, meaning that she has a separate fire box to the baking chambers. As such, she can bake upwards of 200 loaves in a twelve hour baking session. With a bit of help, I've baked around 500 loaves in a session, so capacity is quite expandible.

Luna can bake seriously good bread. She has about two and a half tonnes of thermal mass, and takes between two and five hours to heat up from cold. She will hold temperature very well, and is best suited to multiple days of production work, as she gets more efficient when the thermal mass is hot.

Luna also has live steam, meaning your crusts will be spectacular. This bakery is mounted on a trailer. It is too heavy to tow as is, but can be lifted onto the back of a truck to be relocated. 

Originally designed as a mobile bakery to do markets, it proved to be too heavy for frequent moving. It has been set up on our property for the past two and a half years, where it has served as a production 'bake off' bakery on average once a week.

The trailer is set up for using wooden boards for proofing. On board is a cool room and proofer, all designed to fit the boards. These boards are easy to work with, and they eliminate the need for bread tins, banettons and so forth. They are easy to store and maintain, and lend themselves to the use of a peel for sole baking.

The oven currently burns a combination of sawmill offcuts and processed food waste. These fuels provide good, cost effective heat. We have run the oven on well seasoned ironbark, and this actually proved to be too hot, though if it is mixed with other timbers, it is very good. We have also run the oven completely from tree fall (branches) and it ran very well on this too - though I found the process of gathering the timber fairly time consumptive.

It is quite hard to quantify exactly how much fuel the oven uses, but I've been working on approximately less than $10 in fuel cost per bake, when I heat the oven from cold. If it was running more often, this would be less.

There is a finishing bench, designed with two sinks and a range of finishing ingredient boxes built in. There are about 8 power points on board. You can hook the unit up to standard 240 volt power - power is needed only for lights, proofing and refrigeration.

It's easy to clean down at the end of the bake, and I will be quite happy to assist the purchaser with maintenance issues (within reason).

The bakery does not come with a mixer, or extra refrigeration. I currently produce dough in a separate kitchen, which is currently attached to the trailer.

Full viewing of the trailer and bakery in action by arrangement. I can also fully train a potential purchaser to bake the bread I bake for an extra fee. 

Please note: This 'bake off trailer' does not include goodwill, as I am not selling my bakery business - just the trailer.

Any further information needed? Feel free to call during business hours.

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