White Sourdough

Written by Warwick Quinton. Posted in White starter Breads

White Sourdough


The White Sourdough is leavened from a white starter, so it has a slightly tangy taste, and a lovely loose crumb. The crust is dark and usually quite thin, as it is baked directly on the stone floor of a hot woodfired oven. 

It weighs approximately 750 grams, and is good with all types of food. It has a deep, complex sourdough flavour, which is a feature of the slow leavened technique I use in all my breads.

I use Ben Furney's high protein flour, a mill I have been working with from Dubbo in NSW for the past twenty years. While the protein does fluctuate from time to time, this is something a good baker works with - the reality of buying from a small mill when they buy locally, like me.  

Like all my breads, it keeps very well. In my house, we still are eating it fresh a couple of days after baking, and lightly toasted a week or more later. You can help it to stay moist by keeping it in a sealed container (a paper bag inside a plastic bag is one very easy way, but a proper bread container is always best).