Light Rye Sourdough

Written by Warwick Quinton. Posted in Rye starter breads

Light Rye Sourdough Bread


Light Rye Sourdough is one of my very favourite styles - it has been following me around for over twenty years now, and comes from the classic pain de campagne  - literally 'bread of the country'. It contains about 25% rye flour, blended with wheat, which gives the bread a sort of earthiness which only rye can do.

Rye grain has about half the protein of wheat, meaning that a rye bread has a lovely soft mouth feel. It is very digestible, and goes well with all types of toppings. It lends itself especially well to smoked salmon or bratwurst, cream cheese and/or berry jam.

Traditionally, the pain de campagne is shaped in a miche or cob shape, though I prefer to mould mine as a cylinder or batard, for ease of use and consistent slice size. It weighs 750 grams, and keeps moist for over a week out of the fridge.