Large White Sourdough

Written by Warwick Quinton. Posted in White starter Breads

Large white Sourdough


The Large White Sourdough is a whopping 1.5kg of pure sourdough bliss. It's meant for large families, or just simply keen sourdough lovers who have to wait a week or more between their doses of SourdoughBaker breads.

In aesthetic terms, a large loaf like this is proportionately more dough to crust, so you get big slices. A secondary feature of this bread is that it keeps moist for longer periods - and so is good for sandwiches for a week. After that, it toasts very well.

Toasties using this bread are superior too - something about the larger slice works perfectly with anything you can think of to put in a toasted sandwich. 

The flavour is mild yet deep, and lends itself to salads and crispy greens.


The large white has a slightly thicker crust than some of the other breads, because they must be baked more slowly in the woodfired oven, due to their greater girth. The crumb is loose, and can have quite large holes - though I do try to keep the texture reasonably consistent so fillings don't fall through them!