Fifty Fifty Sourdough

Written by Warwick Quinton. Posted in Wholewheat starter breads

The Fifty Fifty Sourdough has been in the family for many years now. It combines the flavour and goodness of wholewheat with the lightness and crustiness of white sourdough bread. I use my wholewheat starter to leaven it, and add more wholewheat to pre ferment for a whole day. This process is known as 'soaking', which softens the fibre in the grain. Then I build the rest of the dough using a white flour, and ferment this for another day.

This slow fermentation creates a depth and complexity of flavour in the bread which is quite unique, as well as very digestible. I love this bread with anything - but especially with  things like ricotta cheese and a nice berry jam. Or perhaps a wholegrain tahini. All good, and all delicious!