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Looking for the perfect gift for the keen home cook or baker? Look no further. The Sourdough 101 Workshop Gift Voucher is ideal - there is no date attached, so you don't need to guess - the recipient simply contacts us via email and together we arrange the most suitable date. The workshop will have your friend or loved one making delicious bread for you and others in no time at all! 

Once you have purchased a Gift Certificate, a link to download a PDF file will arrive in your designated email address. Please ensure you have typed your email address correctly. Occasionally the email will go to your spam account, so if it doesn't arrive in a reasonable time, email us and we will manually attach it. This PDF can then be printed or simply emailed to the recipient. You will also need to record the order number so that we can verify the certificate when it is redeemed from the recipient.

The Sourdough 101 Workshop

is an easy hands on tour through the entire sourdough process, from sourdough starter to baked bread.

There will be lots of tips and tricks too, so you will be able to make really good bread really easily at home.

You will make a 'sourdough sponge', or preferment; you will see how easy it is to make dough by hand; you will learn to 'rough round', to 'form', to 'finish' and, of course, bake your own sourdough bread.

This full day intensive sourdough breadmaking class allows you to experience the entire sourdough process, from start to finish.

There are literally hundreds of ways to make sourdough bread. The method you will learn at Warwick Quinton's popular Sourdough 101 Workshop uses no tins or trays, and is known as 'sole baking', because the bread is 'set' directly on the sole of the oven.

The sole baking method has been preferred by master bakers around the world for centuries because it makes the bread rise more intensely, and gives you a wonderful crust.

The skills you learn at the Sourdough 101 Workshop translate easily to baking in tins also - Warwick's passion for his craft of over 20 years will pass on to you, and you'll be making exceptional bread at home in a very short time.



You will learn the basics of how to set up your oven at home, so you can sole bake effectively and inexpensively. Warwick also has lots of tips and tricks about using your oven for bread, no matter whether your oven is old, new, gas or electric, or even a backyard barbeque.

Students get to bake bread on the sole of our wood fired oven. Once you have experienced the bread baked using this old fashioned method, you will see why artisan bakers the world over prefer to bake this way!

We have a bread appreciation session at each workshop, where we experience true sourdough breads with lots of yummy dips and fillings. You'll gain a greater appreciation of quality bread, and leave the workshop satisfied both in mind and body!

The workshop will cover in some detail the three main areas of home breadmaking:

  1. Hand Doughmaking - sourdough starters, preferments, hand kneading techniques, autolyse, bulk proofing
  2. Proofing, Moulding and Finishing - dough handling techniques, intermediate proofing, retardation, moulding, knife work, finishing techniques
  3. Baking Bread - oven set up, sole baking, using a peel, steaming, crusting, working with 'hot spots' 

The Sourdough 101 Workshop is experiential, and is full of useful 'real world' practical information, as well as tips and tricks to make genuine sourdough bread at home, including:

  • How to use and maintain a sourdough starter.
  • How to knead dough by hand (easily and relatively cleanly) using the delayed salt (autolyse) method.
  • How to make a classic batard shaped sourdough, including hand forming, proofing, dusting and slashing, ready to bake.
  • How to bake on the sole of the oven, without purchasing expensive and obscure equipment.
  • How to use a baker's peel.
  • Tips and tricks on how to make bread at home easily and cleanly and professionally.
  • Understanding Australian flours, the different types of milling, and where the best flour can be located.
  • Essential home breadmaking utensils and equipment, and  demonstrations of how to use these invaluable yet inexpensive bits and pieces.

At each Sourdough 101 Workshop everyone bakes, and so you take with you a freshly baked loaf of sourdough bread! You also get to take home your own dough in a special container, which you can bake in your own home oven.

There are also breadmaking kits, sourdough showbags, and Warwick's 25 year old sourdough starter available for sale on the day.

Classes are limited to 20 people, and they can fill fast, so enquire now to reserve your place.



Location and Itinerary:

Our workshops are held at a variety of locations in the Hunter Valley region of NSW. Check dates for details of location.

Date: To select a suitable date, look on the website and select one that suits you. The website tells you if there are places available on that day. Then simply contact us with your selection, and we will add you to the day's workshop you have chosen, provided there is a place.

Please be aware that the gift certificate does not guarantee you a place at any workshop. There must be availability at a particular workshop before we can put your booking in. We will send you a confirmation email for your chosen date, and then another email shortly before the workshop with details about the day and what you need to bring. 

Arrive: Approx 8.30 for freshly squeezed coffee or real tea, and to soak up the country air.

Start: 9am

Finish: Approximately 4pm - 5pm 

Here's what a participant said about an earlier workshop: 

"I'm enjoying the sourdough bread that we made during the course today. It was one of the best things I've done this year. A lot of butter and a glass of wine, life can't get much better!" - Gillian

And another review...

To Warwick and everyone on Sunday at the SourdoughBakery .. and the group there that day.. it was fantastic,, from learning how to make sour dough bread, listening to the stories, and the everyone there.. to eating the scrumptious bread... One of the best days this year.. hoping many more to come.. Thank you Warwick for sharing your knowledge, passion and skills .. and Ginnie for the incredible food...all in all an amazing day.. hoping to see you all again soon.. thank you..Cheers SandX

For more information, ring

0409 480 750.

Bookings can only be made online.

This gift voucher is valid for the Sourdough 101 Workshop. Should you wish to attend a different workshop, we are happy to arrange this with you, with a balance payment arranged beforehand.

The recipient must contact us with regard to suitable dates as soon as possible.

If the workshop date you would like shows as being booked out, you may need to select another date. Contact us to make arrangements. 

Our customers' and our own research has shown us that our sourdough workshops still represent the best value for money available in Australia at present. We welcome your views. Please contact us.

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