Live Sourdough Starter + Sourdough 101 Notes + Sourdough Fermentation Guide

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Live Sourdough Starter

+ 101 Workshop Notes

+ Sourdough Fermentation Mini Guide

Now you can have everything you need to get baking brilliant sourdough bread at home in no time at all!

Warwick Quinton's original sourdough starter, cultured from whole grains in 1990, is freighted to your home anywhere in Australia. The starter is in a 'dough' consistency. This is also known as a 'desem'.

In addition, you can download his popular Sourdough 101 Workshop Notes, which provide you with a really simple method to make really good sourdough bread using this desem style starter.

Plus, for a limited time only, the starter comes with a printed booklet, the 'Sourdough Fermentation Mini Guide'.

Dough starter

Why use a dough starter?

A dough starter has a number of advantages over a liquid. It has a different mix of enzymes, and as such gives the bread a superior flavour and texture. It is also more stable, needing to be fed only occasionally. Typically, the starter can fed once every two weeks, though it will live quite happily for a month or more between feeds.

Where a liquid starter requires lots of attention, a dough starter is more stable. The result is that your bread is more consistent, and you don't have to worry about so many variables each time you choose do some baking. Some people like to feed their starter each time they use it, while others do it only when they need to - the 400 gram pack contains enough starter for up to twenty loaves, though you will want to feed it before you use all the starter, or you will be needing to buy more!

Coupled with the Sourdough 101 Notes, you will learn how to use the starter to its best effect. You will learn about pre fermentation, autolyse and useful kneading techniques. You will learn about proofing and how to tell when dough is ripe. You will learn about sole baking, and even how to set up your oven for baking using this time honoured technique, which provides bread that has the most amazing crust. The notes are very comprehensive, and show you how to incorporate this very flexible method into your daily, weekly or even monthly routine, so that you can have fresh sourdough bread on a regular basis.

What's the Sourdough Fermentation Mini Guide?

The new mini guide is a 43 page printed guide to the sourdough fermentation process. It's particularly useful as quality background information, so that your journey into wild yeasts and bacteriological fermentation is illuminated for you. The mini guide will provide you with the building blocks necessary to create great sourdough bread flexibly and efficiently. You will learn in detail how to:

  • maintain, store and rescue a sourdough starter
  • understand the proofing process, especially for baking on the sole of the oven
  • tell when a dough in any stage of proofing is 'ripe'
  • make consistently good bread at home, no matter what season it is.

The mini guide is the first of a series of short guides designed to expand on the detail provided in the Sourdough 101 Notes. It comes in a 'zine' style printed form for easy kitchen use. The printed version of these notes will be available for a limited time only, so make sure you order your starter now! 

Freighting and downloading Information

The starter comes with some easy care and feeding instructions, and a basic recipe for delicious sourdough bread. It also comes with the printed version of the Mini Guide, which provides more depth and detail.

We freight orders to anywhere in Australia every Wednesday, so you will receive your starter up to five working days after that. As the starter is live, we pack on Tuesday nights, so orders must be received by Tuesdays at 4pm to be on Wednesday's shipment. Freight is included in the price for Australian residents. 

Your Sourdough 101 notes are available as a download from this page, once you have proceeded through to the checkout. You will receive a link in your email which you simply follow and download.

Overseas orders cannot be accepted at this time.

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