Where can I buy your bread?


can I buy SourdoughBaker's

  Elemental Breads?  


Some Saturday mornings you can purchase our Woodfired Sourdough Bread if you are in the Hunter Region of NSW. We have a two locations which create a rotational, and occasional, retail service for you.

In coming months, we will be working on improving availability, but more on that soon.

SourdoughBaker's Market StallOn the first Saturday of the month, we are located in the Hunter Street Mall, in the heart of Newcastle. This market is low key, and it is generally easy to park nearby. Look for our wooden bakery cart! 

We also do Hunt & Gather Market, which for 2017 is at Gregson Park. Hamilton. These markets are held on the third Saturday of each month, and start at 9am till 2pm finish. It's a regular event for Novocastrians interested in everything retro and/or funky, so come and check it out! A great market, with a friendly atmosphere - and with some great alternative eats as well. Again, if bread is your primary concern, get there early, because we are once again baking to capacity at this market, and often sell out by lunch time. 

Saturday Markets at a Glance

First Saturday of the month: the Hunter Street Mall Market

Second Saturday of the month: No market. Preparing for Sourdough 101 Workshop

Third Saturday of the month: Hunt & Gather Market, now at Gregson park, Hamilton

Fourth (and fifth, sometimes) Saturday of the month: No market, unless otherwise stated through our facebook page.




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