Bread, real bread, has very few ingredients. Flour, water, salt and yeast. When you are talking about true sourdough bread, the yeast itself is made of flour and water, so in the end, there are only three ingredients! 

This section explores these basic ingredients - and some of the variations within them.

Of course, it's possible to neglect another ingredient without which bread could not be made at all - heat. Even the original sourdough breads, possibly made accidentally from fermented porridge left to bake on a hot rock in the sun, still required heat to create the transformation from porridge to bread.

When viewed this way, then, bread is a transformative process requiring four ingredients - and these ingredients are the elements to create this transformation.

Heat, or the element of fire; flour, or the element air, (as it's the protein transformed to gluten which holds the air); water (self explanatory), and salt, or the element earth. So sourdough is truly Elemental bread

You can add lots of other ingredients to bread, and it would be possible to fill this section up with many more than I have chosen here. However, in the name of simplicity and focus, I won't be discussing the multitudes of other ingredients here. It's the elements of bread that are important. Everything else are just accessories.

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