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Written by Warwick Quinton. Posted in Utensils

Basic Stuff You Need to Make Sourdough Bread

To make sourdough bread, you don't need fancy appliances - just a few practical bits and pieces, most of which you can buy from any supermarket. There are some special and very handy bits you'll only find in a kitchen specialist store, or possibly something workable in a hardware store, but these are still inexpensive. Sourdough breadmaking can be very cost effective, and while over time you may want to improve your kit, to get started you'll need only the basic things.

You will soon be able to buy some of these basic utensils right here - I have sourced good quality stuff and will be offering them for sale through this site. You won't need to go running around for specialist things. I will also offer them at competitive prices. If you would like to get a bit of a taste for what I'll be offering for you, go to the contact page and make yourself known! Stay tuned!